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Top 10 freaking tatoos of celebrities

Top 10 freaking tatoos... 0

1 Megan Fox


1 Megan Fox

The Transformers actress, or, as everyone really knows her, an Angelina Jolie with perkier boobs, is not one to be unnoticed. While some celebrities like to hide their tattoos in discrete or small areas, Fox lets them shine in the spotlight with her. Her tattoos are so prominent that they are almost never photoshopped in print appearances like magazine spreads or ad campaigns. Instead, they are almost as recognizable as the hot feline who wears them. Almost.


17 Reasons Why The Queen is Not Keen on Kate Middleton

17 Reasons Why The Que... 0

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has long been rumored to be feuding with her husband Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and a new report alleges even more trouble in their tumultuous relationship.


Kate wearing wedges


The queen allegedly hates wedges. Reports claim that she doesn’t find them befitting of a member of the royal family.


Topless photos of Kate Middleton appeared in a French magazine a few years back. It’s safe to say that The Queen probably didn’t like that too much.


Kate not keeping her hair in order


The Queen apparently once ordered the Duchess to chop off four inches of her hair.



The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

The Super Models of th... 0

The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

In the 90s, there was nothing more glamorous than being a supermodel. It was the most lavish lifestyle you could imagine.

The supermodel era started very suddenly, and it all ended pretty fast too – Time magazine declared 1998 the end of the supermodel era and they were right. Look at the faces below and we are pretty sure you will recognize most of them if not all. Now how many of today’s fashion faces can you recognize – not so many, right!  It was definitely a different time – an  era of wealth and really smoking hot models.

The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

Check out the hottest models of the 90’s – how do they look now, and how well have they aged? Some of them are successful business women and truly an inspiration to look up to.

The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

Cindy Crawford 

The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

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Trucker found love by texting number scrawled on toilet wall offering a 'good sh*g'

Trucker found love by ... 0

Legal secretary Donna Roberts (right) found happiness after she was texted by Mark Ellis (left), who found her phone number scrawled by her ex-lover on a toilet wall. Photos / Facebook

      It could have been a case of looking for love in all the wrong places - especially when a single trucker decided to text the mobile phone number he found scrawled on a toilet wall.But what began as a whim turned into the greatest loo-ve of all for Mark Ellis and Donna Roberts.
      The 51-year-old, of Brighouse, West Yorkshire, discovered the number while using the toilet at his local pub.
      Written by Roberts' ex, the unflattering message read: 'If you want a good s*** call Donna on...'
      Ellis then cheekily decided to text the number and wrote: 'Hi. What are you up to?'
      Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, the love-struck trucker said: 'I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.'
      Roberts, a legal secretary, was at first perplexed by how Ellis had found her number, but the couple soon struck up a conversation and met just days later.
      The couple now have two kids, aged eight and nine, though they are unaware of how their parents first met.

      How did you meet your soulmate? Please share.

      5 Funny Facts  You  didn't  know  about  these  celebrities

      5 Funny Facts You di... 0

      She Watches Five Movies per Week but Never Listens to Her Own Particular Music.
      Adele is an enormous film buff, clearly! Vogue reports she watches no less than five full-length movies consistently. She's putting me to disgrace since I could scarcely watch one motion picture a week when I was film understudy.
      Whenever inquired as to whether she listens to her own music at home, Adele snickered. Obviously, she will probably chime in with Elsa to Let It Go with her child.
      She Has Six Tattoos: Adele is not that attached to tattoos, but rather she has six tattoos in this way. One is behind her ear, two on her wrist and one on every hand.
      Nation cutie Taylor Swift overwhelms the nation and pop diagrams, and in addition more than only a couple of hearts, however there's a whole other world to this beautiful Pennsylvanian than simply great tunes.
      She's Obsessed On Sprinkling Water
      At any given time she has an assortment of various flavors in her icebox including dark cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry, key lime, tangerine lime.
      Taylor and Harry
      While traveling in Aspen, Harry and Taylor needed to go to the crisis room on the grounds that the 1D fellow hit the breaks too hard on a snow portable and tumbled off.
      Nobody got some answers concerning it since she requested that the healing center keep it a mystery.

      Leonardo DiCaprio has featured in epic movies as Titanic, The Departed, The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street. He is known for dating delightful supermodels and being a skilled performer.
      •Leo doesn't drive costly autos nor does he claim a private plane.
      •Leonardo DiCaprio was intended to star in American Psycho and would have earned $20 million for the part. Be that as it may, he needed to drop out because of scheduling issues and the part went to Christian Bale.
      •Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in
      Spider-Man, the part went at long last to his youth companion Tobey Maguire.
      Brad Pitt Is Always Eating or Drinking Something on the Big Screen
      As indicated by fan discussion, it is more than only a happenstance that Brad Pitt is constantly shot in scenes while he is eating or drinking something! This is truly an inquisitive actuality when you review a scene from one of his motion pictures, he is dependably coolly chomping on something or the other. Have a go at seeking some of his most acclaimed scenes from blockbuster movies to persuade yourself.
      Fight Club
      Pitt featured as Tyler Durden in 1999's Fight Club. Pitt consented to have parts of his front teeth evacuated at the command of Chief David Fincher. The teeth were later reattached in the wake of recording.
      •Change Name from Mark Vincent
      Since bouncers didn't generally pass by their genuine name, VIN changed his name to Vin Diesel by consolidating his last name with the epithet his companions had given him. His companions had called him "Diesel" because of his relentless vitality. At the point when VIN choosing to make acting his profession with films he kept the name.
      •When Vin Diesel was conceived, the medical caretaker said, “Holy ****! That’s Vin Diesel! ” Then she had *** with him. By then, she was the third young lady he had laid down with.
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