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Let Your Style Dictate Your Fashion Jewelry

Let Your Style Dictate Your Fashion Jewelry

Your style is always incomplete without a fashion Jewelry


Most women are inundated with the latest and probably the most expensive new fashion jewelry from magazines, ads, and any fashion show on television. The emphasis on having the newest and being the most modern has turned into such a competition that you may find your true self lost in the jewelry instead of letting the jewelry express who you are.


We totally agree that a very expensive, glamorous, and alluring new piece of jewelry can make a woman fell special in a way that few things can. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting the best and enjoying that superb feeling. Women have been feeling this way about fashion jewelry ever since the first caveman found a raw diamond. It is a part of us.


The thing that many women lose in the struggle to be the most fashion conscious and most up to date in fashion jewelry is the authenticity of them. Getting caught in the push to have the newest and most expensive can strain any woman’s time to say nothing of her bank account.


The ideas are to pick what fits you first. Secondly, pick what you can really afford. The guiding principle is to put you back in control of fashion jewelry and quit being dictated to by any fashion house or any “expert”. Fashion jewelry is supposed to express you and accentuate you in a unique and personal way.


Letting go of what is “hot” at the moment can allow you the freedom to be the most sophisticated and alluring you. You take the pressure off and put you first.


Here are a few hints that make fashion jewelry fun again instead of a competition.


1) Look at what you have


Pick out the pieces that make you feel good. Feeling special is what fashion jewelry is supposed to do for you any way.


2) Create your own style


If the newest and the most expensive are what make your heart and mind get a thrill then by all means do it. If your great grandmother’s broach makes you feel super special then wear it all the time. The fashion jewelry from a special era in your life can give you more of that sensual feeling than anything else ever will.


3) Go for the feel


How a piece makes you feel is what jewelry is all about. The look, the color, and the person that gave it to you do more to make you look and feel beautiful than what a piece may cost.


4) Shop


Shopping for jewelry is just plain fun. Use your phone to find that piece that makes you feel like a million dollars even if it costs $4.


The idea is to get back in control of the fashion jewelry thing in your life. You get to look better and feel terrifically sexy.


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  • Leo Alborzi
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