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Let Your Style Dictate Your Fashion Jewelry

Let Your Style Dictate... 0

Your style is always incomplete without a fashion Jewelry


Most women are inundated with the latest and probably the most expensive new fashion jewelry from magazines, ads, and any fashion show on television. The emphasis on having the newest and being the most modern has turned into such a competition that you may find your true self lost in the jewelry instead of letting the jewelry express who you are.


We totally agree that a very expensive, glamorous, and alluring new piece of jewelry can make a woman fell special in a way that few things can. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting the best and enjoying that superb feeling. Women have been feeling this way about fashion jewelry ever since the first caveman found a raw diamond. It is a part of us.


The thing that many women lose in the struggle to be the most fashion conscious and most up to date in fashion jewelry is the authenticity of them. Getting caught in the push to have the newest and most expensive can strain any woman’s time to say nothing of her bank account.


The ideas are to pick what fits you first. Secondly, pick what you can really afford. The guiding principle is to put you back in control of fashion jewelry and quit being dictated to by any fashion house or any “expert”. Fashion jewelry is supposed to express you and accentuate you in a unique and personal way.


Letting go of what is “hot” at the moment can allow you the freedom to be the most sophisticated and alluring you. You take the pressure off and put you first.


Here are a few hints that make fashion jewelry fun again instead of a competition.


1) Look at what you have


Pick out the pieces that make you feel good. Feeling special is what fashion jewelry is supposed to do for you any way.


2) Create your own style


If the newest and the most expensive are what make your heart and mind get a thrill then by all means do it. If your great grandmother’s broach makes you feel super special then wear it all the time. The fashion jewelry from a special era in your life can give you more of that sensual feeling than anything else ever will.


3) Go for the feel


How a piece makes you feel is what jewelry is all about. The look, the color, and the person that gave it to you do more to make you look and feel beautiful than what a piece may cost.


4) Shop


Shopping for jewelry is just plain fun. Use your phone to find that piece that makes you feel like a million dollars even if it costs $4.


The idea is to get back in control of the fashion jewelry thing in your life. You get to look better and feel terrifically sexy.

Rihanna Designs With Dior

Rihanna Designs With Dior 1

Rihanna-From Sold Out Concerts to Designing Sunglasses with Dior

Rihanna is arguably one of the top selling artists of this generation. The ‘Work’ and ‘Kiss It Better’ international pop star has been an ambassador of Dior since 2015 and has now joined hands with the luxurious French label in a bid to design her own range of futuristic sunglasses.
The sunglasses collection will be known as Simply Rihanna, and is inspired by La Forge, a popular character from the popular Star Trek Movies.

The Simply Rihanna Sunglasses Design Process

During a recent interview with WWD online, the twenty-eight-year-old, Barbadian-born pop star opened up about her obsession with fashion and stated that she has always been obsessed with La Forge’s eyewear. However, the desire to design and launch a collection of sunglasses only came to fruition after working with Dior, and realizing the kind of materials that she had at her disposal.
According to the singer, the design process was flawless, as she got to spend an entire day with the sunglasses design team combing through their past products to check out what they had produced in the past and also get a glimpse of the new materials available.
On her part, Rihanna was expected to design the glasses and present them to the design team, to allow them to prepare the necessary illustrations. The colors and the materials for the glasses were all picked on the same day, with the prototype being delivered weeks later.

Previous Work with Dior

While it is the first creative project that Rihanna has had with the design label, she previously worked as an ambassador for the label in 2015 when it was promoting its Secret Garden IV campaign.
Sidney Toledano, the French Label’s CEO is quoted as saying that he was very pleased to have gotten the opportunity to collaborate with Rihanna for the second time.
Mr. Toledano described Rihanna as an amazing artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and style idol for the current generation.
The Simply Rihanna accessory capsule will come with a single frame of sunglasses in six colors that will also include a twenty-four karat gold plate edition that is to be exclusively available at all Dior stores starting next month.
In the meantime, Puma’s creative director, who successfully launched her first footwear brand for Puma sometime last year and who has from that time released three Fenty x Puma Collections has gone back to her original Puma by Rihanna creeper shoe range.
Since her return to the Rihanna shoe collection, the director had intentions to launch three more additional colors by the end of May this year.Save
Why every woman should gave the comprehension of fashion

Why every woman should... 0

As a stylist woman who loves that extra attention, I understand what it takes to rock it every season of the year. The thing is I always try to be ahead of others in terms of fashion and how I make my style. Having a hot body shape and knowing what will befit it is a clue I understand very well which gives me an angelic look in front of men who always seem to love my style. 

Why every woman should gave the comprehension of fashion

There are always a trending аnd bеfitting fаѕhiоn fоr any season оf thе уеаr, which I comprehend, уоu don't need to lооk weird or old bесаuѕе you wаntеd to рrоtесt your bоdу from the соldеѕt ѕеаѕоn оf thе year. Every woman should have the comprehension of fashion and style as a constructive weapon, wouldn't you agree? Except your body, you know we all get it in different form but no matter that type or shape of body you got, you need to understand fashion ,and style as a main key to attractiveness you have within . 

Fashion is a рорulаr trend оr рrасtiсе, еѕресiаllу outer wear party dresses, fооtwеаr, ассеѕѕоriеѕ and makeup. Fashion is a distinctive аnd оftеn соnѕtаnt trеnd in thе ѕtуlе in which a person drеѕѕеѕ. It is thе рrеvаiling ѕtуlеѕ in behavior аnd thе nеwеѕt сrеаtiоnѕ оf tеxtilе dеѕignеrѕ. It is necessary to know how to match the color of your clothes and why it really matters, this idea of color combination actually speaks loader and makes you outstanding everywhere you go.  Fashion can give every woman power to rосk it like never before and gаining аttеntiоn feels absolutely еxсеllеnt.

Why every woman should gave the comprehension of fashion

Have you tried a combination of a jacket with a good pant under and a scarve, flat shoe, sunglasses and a combined color handbag, I actually match my clothes like this most of the time. It has given me confidence when I walk in modish clothes and has really helped me be a fashion and style subject wherever I go. There are many cool online stores I love to shop at but the most outstanding and coolest I found this year was because they have the finest and coolest collection all in one store.

Hot Summer Hairstyles

Hot Summer Hairstyles 0

Summer is fast approaching- it’s already almost May, wasn’t it March like, last week?


We want to begin preparing and practicing new and flirty hairstyles for summertime fun! The less work, the better is typically the motto for summer styles, as with the heat we never want to spend too much time fussing with hot tools.


A perfect and easy look for medium to long hair. It’s more unique and looks more put together than your typical braid.






Dressing has been one of the most important aspects which defines our culture and society since time immemorial. This is so because demographic factors such as race and religion as well as socio economic factors have an influence on the way people perceive fashion and subsequently dress. This is particularly the case with women who are usually trapped by expectations of their societies and backgrounds. However, the 21st century woman’s dress sense has greatly been influenced by civilization, modernization and innovations irrespective of her background. Women have become more expressive in their attires and are more responsive to changes in taste and fashion while bringing out their unique styles. Although each woman has a unique style of dressing which goes with her personality, it is important to dress appropriately to suit an event or an occasion. This is because our attires can actually introduce us way before we even utter a word. The following are some of the tips to dress to suit an occasion:

Know the occasion/event


It is important for every woman to know the kind of occasion she has been invited to before deciding on what to put on. Is it an evening party, a church service, an office party or just a dinner with colleagues? If you are unsure of the nature of the event, it is advisable to call the host and find out than wear an inappropriate attire. For instance you cannot wear a denim pant, tennis shoes and cotton t-shirt to a cocktail party. This will make you look totally ridiculous as well as out of place and the end result will likely be inferiority complex on your part. On the other hand, you can opt for a classic little black dress which will bring out the beauty, grace and elegance in you.

Decide on your attire in time


The next thing to do after knowing the kind of event is to decide on what to wear. You need to make a decision quite early so you do not get confused on the D day. While deciding what to wear, special considerations should be given to your body type. For instance women with poor legs are better off in long beautiful gowns for cocktail parties than short ones.  Also, women should be conscious of their current size since their body sizes usually fluctuates especially after child birth. This is to remind them that certain clothes which used to look explicitly beautiful on them before pregnancy may not necessarily look good on them after child birth. It is also possible for a woman to actually dedicate time for exercise in order to lose weight and fit properly in her dress for a particular event provided she plans it well ahead time.

Respect the dress code


It is also absolutely important to respect the dress code of an occasion so you don’t go and be the odd one. Nowadays, most invitations usually come with dress codes which could either be preference to color or style. For instance, a host could insist on an all-white party or either long or short elegant dresses for an engagement party. In such a case, you will have to be considerate enough to please your host. On the other hand, dress codes are sometimes obvious even when they are unwritten or unannounced. If you are invited for an African or Indian wedding, it goes without saying that it will be best for you to dress in your African or Indian attire. This will enable you to easily blend with your host and other invitees.

Dress according to your age


As a woman, you should always consider your age while making a choice on what to wear. In as much as it is a compliment for older women to appear younger and vibrant, they should also ensure that they dress decently since they are role models to their kids and other younger ones. Older women are therefore advised to opt for chic, beautiful but responsible attires especially during formal gatherings such as church services or civil wedding ceremonies. Younger girls on the other hand especially teenagers should choose attires which gives them young, fresh and girly looks unlike those who makes them appear way older their mothers.

Be simple in your dressing


Being simple in your dressing most often brings out your confident character. It is important to note that simplicity does not mean you should appear shabby and untidy. You do not also need to buy the most expensive items or the best designer attires such as Gucci, Prada, Karen Millen, Alexander McQueen etc. in order to look good and beautiful. This is so because less is sometimes more. So if you are having a hard time deciding on what to wear for an event or restricted by your budget to dress as you had planned, simply play safe by opting for a small dress, preferable a plain color.

After all said and done, a woman’s attire is always incomplete without a smile. Thus always remember to put on a bright smile to compliment your beautiful attire.

Melania Trump’s Latest Compliment From The Fashion World Is Just Absurd

Melania Trump’s Latest... 0

She’s stayed well out of the spotlight since Election Day, but Melania Trump hasn’t been spared the opinions of top fashion designers ― both negative and otherwise.  

We should have known it would be Vogue legend André Leon Talley, though, who would give us the most interesting sound bites yet. His required-reading interview with the New York Times, published Wednesday, delves into how Talley spent time considerable time with Trump in the past, helping her pick out the epic Dior gown she wore to marry Donald in 2005, and how he really feels about the incoming first lady.

Aside from calling Trump a “nice person” who impressed him with “’impeccable’ manners and legs that are ‘a long drink of water,’” Talley delivered the strangest compliment we’ve read yet: 

He also said that she was the most fastidiously groomed and exquisitely moisturized person he’d ever met. (He now gives that honor to Kim Kardashian West.)

Perhaps Trump was slathering on products that would later inspire her now-defunct skincare line? Or, more likely, according to this 2011 interview with Allure, it’s the cocktail of tonics, vitamin-filled creams and the spa inside her apartment that keeps her so impressively and thoroughly hydrated. 

Either way, although Talley told the Times he think we should spend more time “picking on her husband’s billionaire cabinet and his seeming readiness to turn the country back towards oppression, anti-Semitism, anti-culturalism, etc.” than we should discussing Melania Trump, there is at least one thing he thinks she could be doing differently. 

“I am so tired of the long hair falling on both sides of her face. She has to upgrade her coiffure,” he said.

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